3 Quick Dinners

I know after a busy and stressful day, the last thing I want to do is make dinner. Usually I just want to curl into bed when I’m finally home. I started to experiment with basic meals that I could cook quickly. I also wanted to make sure I would cook enough food for more than one meal, so I could have a quick lunch or leftovers for the next dinner. A lot of these meals are relatively healthy options depending on what you add to them! Here’s some that I found are the easiest:

Meal 1: Rice, protein, and a vegetable

Have you noticed the rice packets you can buy at Target, Walmart, etc that you can toss in the microwave for 90 seconds? Life savers!! To be completely honest, I suck at cooking rice. These packets are the best when you’re short on time, too. I usually go for the white or brown rice, but there are a few different types that are out now. So, part one already done: 90 second rice packet. Pick your favorite protein: beef, fish, tofu, etc. Cook this to your liking – most of these take between 10-20 minutes! To make it even easier you could prep/marinade your protein the night before and have it ready for dinner. Vegetables: frozen veggies are your friends!! Most frozen vegetables can be steamed in a pot or microwave in just a few minutes. Meal one completed in about 20-25 minutes! Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Meal 2: Breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner is so simple and easy. What you’ll need: eggs, bread, potatoes, sausage/bacon/etc (optional) – whatever you like for breakfast really! Eggs cook in just a few minutes in any style. You can personalize this however you want with veggies, cheese, meat, etc. Toast some bread add your favorite toppings! Avocado, jelly, or make a breakfast sandwich! Potatoes are the most time consuming part of this! 2 quick options: shred them, squeeze the extra water out, season them with whatever you’d like, toss them in a pan and crisp them up! Option 2: Dice them into small chunks and put them in a pan with olive oil and cook them until they’re soft and crispy. If you cook them in a pan, add a lid on top! They’ll steam while in the pan which can help to cook them quicker! Meat: optional of course, but you can cook up any side dish of meat in about 5-10 minutes. Another 20-30 minute dinner.

Meal 3: Taco salad

Tacos are super easy to cook quickly and get a few meals out of. What you need: 1 lb. of ground beef/turkey or whatever you’d like if you don’t eat meat. The taco meat will take about 10-13 minutes to cook entirely and add the taco seasoning to.

Toppings: rice, lettuce, beans, tomatoes/pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese, etc. Basically you’re making your own Chipotle bowl at home. A lot of the ingredients you use, may already be prepared for you – another time saver! Overall, this dinner should take about 20-25 minutes, and it will give you more than one meal. You can keep this dinner pretty healthy, too!

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