Real vs. Fake Collaborations

Starting a new blog comes with many exciting opportunities and experiences. As I gained followers on my foodie account, I was also approached with a few collaboration opportunities. Of course it seemed great that a company wanted to with me (wow?), but how could I tell what was real and fake?

I started to realize many of the “companies” that reached out to me, just wanted to increase their own sales. What company doesn’t though? A company that is offering you 20-40% off to buy their products, is not one you should probably work with. This is usually a scam from a small company. Another red flag: a company that reached out to you with a discount that has ~100 followers, follows thousands, and all of their posts are within the last few days. Please be careful with these companies especially when they’re offering products you may ingest like detoxes or protein. Also keep an eye out for fake reviews or testimonials.

A collaboration is a partnership. Partnerships are mutually beneficial for both parties. Yes, that new, random legging company is offering you 40% off your purchase, but they are the ones benefiting from your sale. A true collaboration is when something is sent to you, for free, and you are typically asked to review the product honestly. They also (usually) include a discount that you can give your followers!

Tip: When collaborating with companies, stick to your brand. As a foodie page, I wouldn’t collaborate with a bikini company currently. You want your followers to trust you and know that you don’t hop on every opportunity to get free products. You can say no!

There are many benefits to creating a large following base, and your dream company may even want to work with you one day. You don’t have to wait for a company to reach out to you! You can message/email a company if you’re interest in collaborating. Good luck!

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