Who am I?

 Hi there!! 
My name is Bri, and this is my blog. I created this little space to post about anything and everything. I began this blog a little lost and unsure of what to post. So, I decided to just be me and turn my interests and likes into posts that I think you will find unique and fun. 
I am currently a junior in college, living in Philadelphia. I’ve been using this to my advantage trying to find new creative outlets that will energize me to post. I love fitness, photography, fashion, food + coffee shops, and exploring – the city or countryside. [I’m from a small, farm-y town]. 
I’m hoping to continue finding things I love and inspire me to write on this blog, or to post on my Instagram [basicswithbri / bri.bowman – shameless plug, sorry] I want to share my journeys with you and maybe even inspire you to create your own little internet space or explore new places. Let me know what you’re thinking throughout this blogging process, and we can learn from and encourage each other! 

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